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Need a Portal 2 Co-op partner? Join this Steam group!

If there are any speedrunners on this forum, I could use a partner for coop. Steam name is tanger2b

Anyone wishing to speedrun with me, feel free to PM me. I'm always open to new partners.
My steam profile:
My speedrun and blind run filled youtube:
I need maps to play and rate! Post links here:
Reedy225 wrote:
I'm looking for a Co-op partner I have played some of the chambers, up to 3, but would be fine with back tracking and playing through with a partner who has advanced less

Hey i'm a beginner in the coop game but i've already played through portal 1 and 2 in single player mode. My steam user is joacogui.

i can be online for some portals 2 coop from times to times,add me in Steam i'm Lechuck

I'm up to play coop whith whomever: rudirudolf or rudiakys

Only got the game because someone bought it for me, never really have any money. It seems really late to ask this but I guess I need a Co-op partner. Someone who has never played before obviously. My Steam name is the same as my forum name. Just friend req. me.

Need a coop partner. Usually come on 3:30pm gmt+5:30. No mic.

Need a co-op partner for Portal 2 on PC. I'm happy to test custom maps as well as play the built in levels. I do have a MIC. Steam Name: Dazzedelf

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Hey, looking or a buddy to play Portal 2 Co-op beginning to end. Any takers?

I'm in Mountain Standard Time.

add me

steam username hobblehobble

My Steam ID/PSN is Cooldominik111, I have finished the SP campaign today so I am experienced with the game.