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Need a Portal 2 Co-op partner? Join this Steam group!

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Hello, This steam group is for people who have problem finding a portal 2 co-op partner. The other thing this group does, is we play Custom maps, that are able to get from this site. When you need a new partner, Just send someone a message to 1 player of the group. When you join the group, you always have to answer the messages that you get, Even if you"re in mid game. This is the link to the page to the steam group.
Have fun playing portal 2!

i might have a few minutes from time to time. add me to steam

do NOT click this

Feel free to add me, anthonydeschamps.

Would it make sense to make a steam group for anyone who is willing to download and play custom maps? If enough people join, it could make it really easy to get games started.

Add xdiesp to steam!

the hills are alive... with the sound of music

SteamID: ZeronFX
Ive been waiting to try this series as well.
also Anthony- not a bad idea...

I've played the first 3 of colours before my co-op buddy I was doing them with had internet issues. I'm up for doing customs with other people. Did a steam group get made? If not, feel free to add me: RageOfVoices.

OK people, now I have created a steam group for Co-op playing. Just join this group on steam

I added people from this thread. Feel free to add me if you want, Steam ID is jeffreydav.

Arnar105 wrote:
OK people, now I have created a steam group for Co-op playing. Just join this group on steam


"Games are made out of smaller games ? turtles all the way down, until you hit the game that is so trivial and stupid it isn?t deserving of the name." --Raph Koster

Sticky. Anyone looking for a partner, join this Steam group or post in this thread.

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