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More Creativity

On the level where there are 5 or so turrets on platforms above deadly goo-water, where you have to get a box to jump and press a button, I instead used the camera to jump up and press the button, which simplified things greatly as I didn't have to use the box trick.

Also on the companion cube level on the challenge map where the two buttons are in the back I also used a camera to boost myself.

Hopefully that made sense :!:

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Actually, I'm really confused. What numbers were the maps?

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He is talking about 18 (the one with the turrets and the poison water), and 17 (the one with the Companion Cube). In the Challenge version of 17,

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, and he was thinking with portals and used a camera to get where he shouldn't be able to.

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yeah. thanks pal!

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Oooohkay. I got the companion cube one, but the other one wasn't clear. I understand now. :D

My actual response: Nice thinking with Portals.

**tries it out of boredom

Baconfeet :: Any original content was a mistake.

On chamber 18, the one with the 4 turrets in the cube room, I never used a camera to get somewhere I shouldn't. On the other hand, I got a gold medal in time and steps for this just ignoring the turrets completely.

Just a matter of pushing the button. Running in. Placing an exit portal and jump of the right hand side to fling.

I did use camera's in the companion cube one. Though I'm not really sure what you mean by boosting yourself, I used camera's in combination with the cube to climb up the place where you exit. It's the key to getting 2 portals on the map.

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