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Inteview with Erik Wolpaw, writer of Portal

This is a funny interview with the writer of Portal. There are some zingers in there, especially when he goes off on a tangent in order to avoid answering a question. :)


Didn't realise it was the same guy that did the writing for Psychonauts (which conincidentally should be compulsory playing for anybody). Nice interview too... not hard to see how he could write for a clinically insane robot if his responses there are "himself" :)

Unless I am mistaken, Erik was one of a handful of writers on Psychonauts (chief writer would be Tim Schafer, of course), whereas he's the main (only?) writer for Portal.


Paul, why aren't you a news poster here yet.

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I dunno man. This level of activity is anomalous for me. Usually I'm rather a lurker.


Lol @ "Boom - Instantly likable"

Nice interview :)

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