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Impressive Steampunk Portalgun


Following yesterday's post of things people inextricably enjoy is another thing people inextricably enjoy: steampunk'ing everything. This impressive steampunk Portalgun was made from "found objects" by DeviantART user, Batman-n-banana:


More photos and information at Batman-n-banana's DeviantART.

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Awesome... A portalgun made from junk. Talented indeed.

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Thats sexy.

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Ye, there is awesome stuff made up by found stuff, that look like other stuff...

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They call it Found Art

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I saw this on stumbleupon yesterday and was completely blown away.

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:lol: :boring: :postpics: Whats so good about a steampunk portal gun?

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Wizzywizzard wrote:
Whats so good about a steampunk portal gun?

Literally everything. Most steampunk stuff looks awesome, this included, plus you have to take into account that this is an actual object someone has made, not just a mock-up drawing of one.

I bought the Portal gun replica, but I can't help but wish I had this more.

Wizzywizzard wrote:
Whats so good about a steampunk portal gun?

My opinion is that when it comes to steampunk objects, the circumstances in which it's acceptable varies. It's one thing for junk to be made into the shape of a portal gun (boring), it's another thing when it has some sort of function to it(in this case, lights activate) which makes it awesome.

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