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Hammer skins help.


As you may recall from my previous posts, I have been looking forward to getting HL2 and GMod so I can not only play GMod (which, by the way, is SOOOO fun!), but to also be able to start making a map with the SDK.

Well, I have now purchased the games and I am, at the second I type this, working on my map.

My original plan was to create the map, and make it look like Portal 2. Well, I can't seem to find the right skin. What do I search? I've searched for "mossy wall", "grassy wall", "old wall", "messed up wall", heck, I even tried "Portal 2 wall". But not a single one of those come up with any results. Is there a skin in Hammer that I can use? or will I have to download one?

Thanks to any who may be able to help.


You will have to download one, as portal does not contain textures for portal 2 (Gee, I wonder why?).
And as this is probably your first time using hammer:
Bookmark this site:
Use the search function in that, then search this forum before you ask a question.

Basically what the guy above me says

Also as an additional note, there are quite a few portal 1-like textures in the hammer texture browser that are not from portal, but nearly no portal 2-like textures. This is due to the fact that portal 2 is a full game, with a larger team, and so has more people working on it and making things like the textures. Portal 1 reused a lot of half life 2 textures.

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Gmod sucks, and if you (for some god awful reason) want to make a Portal 2 map in Portal 1, you'll have to make the textures, skins and models from scratch like everyone else has to.

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