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Guide to Portal Hammer Textures, Entites, Models Part 1.5

This is a comprehensive list of all the textures, entities, and models used in portal. Atleast a basic list anyway. It'll grow eventually. These are the common ones. Unfortunately, the forums don't format my text as it was in wordpad with tabs so i'll attach the file as well. Open it in wordpad to get the proper formatting.

You can also view it in Google Documents here:

Common Textures
Desc. Value

Floor 1: concrete/concrete_modular_floor001a
Floor 2: concrete/concrete_modular_floor001c
Floor 3: tile/observation_tilefloor001a
Wall: concrete/concrete_modular_wall001e
Ceiling: concrete/concrete_modular_ceiling001a

Metal Wall: metal/metalwall048b
Metal Floor: metal/metal_modular_floor001
Metal Alpha Grid: metal/metalgrate018

Office Door: metal/metaldoor028a
Office Wall 1: concrete/observationwall_001a
Office Wall 2: concrete/observationwall_001b
Glass Texture: glass/glasswindow_refract01

Underside of Platform: metal/metalwall060a
Hazard Water: nature/hazard_liquid

Desc. Value

Metal Textures (filter): metal/
Floor, Wall, Roof,(filter): concrete/
Portal signs (filter): signage/
Plastic textures: plastic/
Metal Tiled Walls: metal/metalwall048

Desc. Value

Auto Portal Wall Model: models/props/autoportal_frame/autoportal_frame.mdl
Box Model: models/props/elevator_caps/elevator_caps.mdl
OB Office Moniter 1: models/props/lab_monitor_pose01/lab_monitor_pose01.mdl
OB Office Chair: models/props_bts/bts_chair_static.mdl
OB Office Desk: models/props/lab_desk04/lab_desk04.mdl
OB Office Light: models/props_lab/walllight001a.mdl
Light Rail Platform: models/props/light_rail_platform.mdl
Light Rail End: models/props/light_rail_endcap.mdl

Energy Ball Launcher: models/props/combine_ball_launcher.mdl
Energy Ball Receiver: models/props/combine_ball_catcher.mdl

Point Entities
npc_security_camera ( Camer that auto watches the player )
info_overlay ( Used for most signs and texture effects )
env_texturetoggle ( Used for more texture effects )
prop_physics ( Used for boxes )
Brush Entities:
trigger_once ( Used for triggering an event once

Portal: Quest for Cake: 5%

Opps, the Box Model is actually models/props/metal_box.mdl. To bad I can't edit...

Portal actually uses only a handful of textures which is really nice. I love the texture themes, you really don't have to worry about making the right decision to use the right texture. Easy to manage too.

Portal: Quest for Cake: 5%

thanks :) made my day easier. Unfortunately, I think my editor is still set up wrong as the textures are all purple and black when i edit them. :(
i wish they would just release the dang sdk for it so i didn't have to fight w/ this workaround.

The purple textures problem is a common problem to us all. My solution is just replace textures that show up in the map editor, then when im ready to go compile just use the replace function to quickly replace them from the place holders to the real textures.

Portal: Quest for Cake: 5%

Yeah, having to deal with the checker boxes is a real pain, but it's the price you pay for early mapping!

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Also, check out Valve's list of useful portal models.

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