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[GUIDE] Playing Portal 2 Custom Maps

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chickenmobile wrote:
spongylover123 wrote:
Since the dlc has been real eased and downloaded, people couldn't use vpk. I recommend using GCFscape to extract the vpk to use the files.

Valve should really undo development processes after they have done them. Valve might fix this later on?

They might for the next dlc.
They won't be patched quick. We knows that

Actually, there were a few quick patches for the Authoring Tools a few days ago. Maybe they are still working on it.

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Hey i was desperately trying to find a way to play The Core mini campaign on my mac and after reading around a lot, i discovered a way to get it to launch. Place the "thecore" directory in Users/USerNAMe/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Portal 2
After starting up Steam, go into the launch options for Portal 2 and type in -game thecore -dev
Launching Portal 2 should launch the core, tell me how this works out for you, thanks, im off to play

So I have a vpk file and i did what the guide told me by adding addons folder but im still coming up with nothing

DocDar wrote:
So I have a vpk file and i did what the guide told me by adding addons folder but im still coming up with nothing

vpk files are broken by dlc 1. Since then they don't work anymore.
There are two ways you can avoid this:
1) download and install Basic mod for playing .vpk files
2) Use GCFscape to unpack the vpk and put the files in your normal portal folder. This might break stuff though, I recommend to use method 1.

Hope that helped:)

I can't play any custom maps, I've tried different maps with the same result so that's not the problem. I follow this guide until step 8, after I press enter I get this response:

Code: Select all
] map sp_angrybombs
(39672862):Remove listener class (Portal_Player
(39672862):Remove listener class (PlayerInventory
Dropped zuqu from server (Server shutting down)

And when I close the developer console I get to the pause menu with the background changed to the factory. I'm then unable to either "resume" or "save".
What is wrong?

(The map used here was Angrybombs if it matters)

Are you on a mac? several people complained that map didn't work on a mac.

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Nope, I'm on a PC (Windows 7).

trying to upload hack client addon [link removed - Nacimota] msg me if it doesnt work

I've completed all the 380 custom maps from the pack, gave a short review and score for each map, maybe it will be useful:

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