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Funny Russians...

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Atleast I think these two are russian ... 7&srv=img3

what a buncha cool cats 8)

Screw a sig.

No, I'm pretty sure this is just a high-res screenshot of the leaked "shopping trip" mission. I hear it was dropped because shopping without Gordon talking was too hard.

"Games are made out of smaller games ? turtles all the way down, until you hit the game that is so trivial and stupid it isn?t deserving of the name." --Raph Koster

If that is real, that is fucking amazing.

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bad alyx is baaad


i wish i had an HEV suit :(


Looks nothing like Alyx. Meh, still hit it.

Life is like a pipe, it's hard to get through and you're not always guaranteed a happy ending.


The HEV suit has too much of a teletubby shape for me to really like it. However it's still pretty awesome, if it's real that is.


It looks like the HEV suit is made of 1 piece molten arround 'gordon'...

I wonder if he received a lot of money for standing arround..


Needs moar Kleiner.

I was glad to see it go. The damn thing told me it was gonna shank me while I slept.

The HEV suit looks fake... COZ IT IS! :D

Alyx isn't as white as she should be... still hit it.
Gordon looks like a nerd as well >_<

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