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For Old Times Sake

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thanks so much for creating, nice to go back...hard part for me was remembering where to put the .bsp file...great fun....

Nice capture of the style. The puzzle was pretty easy, and I didn't need to use the ball. The style was great and the fact that you added cube buttons was very interesting. I was able to solve with 6 portals using wall-climbing. My only problem is that I wish it was longer!

Edit: I just finished with 4 portals using wall-climbing and accelerated back hopping. Here's my video:
For Old Times Sake- 4 Portals

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I would suggest that you make the goo more than 32 units away from the ground so players cannot climb up it.

Big Mood

This is one of my favorite maps that make me feel like the map will miss me. It is very easy to do, and I also liked how you imported some stuff from Portal 2. (Except the fact that the cube doesn't slip in its recepticle whe placed...) In fact, I really liked this map, it has been one of the best maps I played. I have also made a small little gameplay video on it:

And one more thing...

josepezdj wrote:
What could we possibly do to make you change your mind about Blue Portals II? :wink:
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