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Custom Portal maps and Cake

A rather stunning phenomenon. At least 1 out of every 2 maps has the word Cake in its name. Why is this? Honestly I don't understand what cake has to do with it. (Unless the map ends with a cake or something.)

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the name has any effect of the overall score of the map, but the fact is that if people continue doing this, people won't be able to tell the maps apart from their name, and it will become very repeating. Fast. Let me show you an example:


Get my drift?

What's your opinion on this?[/list]

Sanity is not statistical.

... but it's so delicious and moist

Companion Cube Chronicles WIP:
Story: 22.22222% Design: 33.33333%
Levels: 4.44444% Cake: 0.00000%
Voices: 0.0^3% in base 4
New models & Textures: ((e^28/pi*7)/0 - 42)%
Grief counseling: 111.11111%

and you have to continue until you run out of cake...

No but seriously, with cake being such a major thing in Portal I guess this was to be expected. Most likely (hopefully) this is only a phenomenon we're going to see in the first few weeks of mapping for Portal until even the mappers grow tired of it.


No cake in my map names.

:cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake:

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Your emotion spam more than compensates for that. :wink:

Sanity is not statistical.

cake is a funny joke from the single player...

many mappers it seems wont sleep until they see the joke ruined >.>

[insert visually obtrusive graphic or witty comment here]