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Community Roundup! April 1st- May 7th

Hello folks,

It's time for a new community roundup!
Because Djinndrache was too busy, you've got to do it with my list!
Roundup is from April 1st up to May 7th.

Singleplayer maps:

When you think of portal you think of portals but even without portals portal can be fun!
Motanum already proved it with his a la tag part 1 which made it to the previous roundup and he's now back for a la tag part two! this map is even more interesting then part one! With cubes, lightbridges and some lovely sceneries!

But there's more fun without portals!
Loo-Kin proved last month that he can make awesome maps without a portal gun and he managed to create another one: Without Portalgun 3: Paint the Conveyor

When you finally manage to pickup that portalgun you might want to get into apperture laboratories:
Testing is the future allows you to enter apperture and discover it's wonders!

Once you're inside you might want to check out the next level:
Advanced Gel 01: Bounce this small map has repulsion gel and lasers combined in a very nice way.

Modern apperture also contains the second map by Toaster and it's a very nice one! This puzzle uses lasers in quite a nice way: second test

If you're in for a challenge with a funnel and some cubes it might be a good idea to check out One week creation by RubyCarbuncIe. He did a wonderful job in only one week!

Once you decided you've seen enough of modern aperture Real Confetti has a really nice surprise for you!

If you then descent to old apperture make sure you don't miss out
Groxkiller's Antiquated Aperture Here you get to play with conversion and repulsion gel.

Once you got away from old aperture and you somehow manage to get lost in a destroyed section of apperture make sure you test the sendificator in HMW's Sendificate! This completely new test element will blow you away!

If you still have a lot of time left and feel like doing more puzzeling in old apperture make sure to visit Wrecked by Motig. It's challenging but really rewarding!

April also saw the release of The Ledge. Neco made a very hard map pack here. Are you able to solve it?

When you feel like you can solve any portal map check out Chander's Chander Test 8 (Angry Conductor) With cube throwing and all kinds of advanced trick this is really a beast to be tamed!

Coop maps:

The first coop map is actually a mappack! Space Gardens by Fluppy is totally worth a play! It has custom textures, voices and lots more!

Another map you should totally check out is Lessons learned this map will absolutely teach you some teamwork!

Once you got the teamwork done Spare map pack Will provide you with a nice new challenge, can you solve these three maps?

Last but not least you should all know that apperture science is all about innovation! Floor plan By Insomnautik is a map with some awesome innovations! Make sure to check that one out.

Have fun with all these maps and see you soon!

Yay! I made the roundup :D

Ima go play some of these maps, i've been needing some quality since the workshop is spammed with...the opposite.


I'm going through a back log of Spotlight potential maps. Be sure to check that download category for new maps.

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I made it into a roundup! :D Also congrats to Grox on the spotlight Antiquated Aperture is a terrific map to play! :thumbup:

EDIT: I almost forgot to thank you for putting me in the list. So, thanks Lp! :D

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Hey lp , I guess u should stick with Djinndrache's format of writing roundups. Map name and mapper at start of sentence. Hope you know what i mean.

Hope is a good thing
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Finally! I waited for the new roundup and I made it into it!

My last goal is to get "Space Gardens" to spotlight :D >(cake for anyone who can get me there)<

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wow i should really start paying more attention here. I just realised i made it into the roundup.
Awesome :)
And in respnse to Groxkiller585.
Yeah it pretty sad even though expected that the workshop is spammed with bad maps so much.
If valve made the editor more complicated we would see much less maps. Even though that wouldn't make much sense.

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Fluppy wrote:
My last goal is to get "Space Gardens" to spotlight :D >(cake for anyone who can get me there)<

If I mention you are already there, do I still get the cake? Not my doing, but I like cake.

Oh, and congrats to everyone who made it in here. :thumbup:

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Congrats to all all of you. I'll probably go through this list when I get some time over...

Next time, I will be on here! :)

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Fluppy wrote:
My last goal is to get "Space Gardens" to spotlight :D >(cake for anyone who can get me there)<

Consider it done :thumbup: