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Attn: YouTubers! Post videos, get added to our channel

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My Portal 1 map walkthroughs:
Portal 2 maps:

-= Check out my maps: workshop, and their .vmf sources: homepage =-

This is my channel:
It has a playlist of custom map playthroughs I've done.

josepezdj wrote:
Hi there!

Here you are:

I only use to record the most difficult or special custom maps I find. I don't use to record for example a blind playthrough because sometimes it could be very boring, overall for big maps.

And eventually, when a map really deserves it, I take my time to do a speedrun for a map that's really awesome.

I just started to record and editing last month and so there's not much yet but there will be!

I hope you take something from me for TWP channel!


I like the videos

A let's play/highlights of The Core:

A let's play/highlights of 12 Angry Tests:

My channel which usually involves highlights/clips of other games as well:

Feel free to add me on steam too. Maybe we can get into some shenanigans together.


London wrote:
I like the videos

Hey London:

Thanks! You can subscribe to my channel in order to receive a notification every time I upload a new video.


ImageImageImageImageImageuseful tools and stuff here on TWP :thumbup:

This is the youtube channel for Iviv and LyLy's co-op play throughs. We normally blind play maps, so sometimes we just wander around aimlessly and embarrass ourselves or find completely wrong ways to do things!

2Nightmaren Coop YouTube Channel
We play maps and break things!

Lots of speed runs and routes, but if you guys have seen the S.T.U.D. review from mqkrem, I'm taking over that soon. ... 2tenacious

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Wow, I thought this thread was non-existent. Well if it's all still valid and what not here is a playlist that contains all the custom maps I've created so far:

Also, you might not want to sub to me. Unless you like watching your front page fill up with Pokemon videos. :P

portal2tenacious wrote:
Lots of speed runs and routes, but if you guys have seen the S.T.U.D. review from mqkrem, I'm taking over that soon. ... 2tenacious

seems like an interesting set of vids you got there! I'll have to check them all out! :D

"...those who would break the rules and laws are reguarded as scum, but those who would abandon even one of their friends, are worse than scum." -Obito Uchiha
Youtube Channel My Workshop
My Maps/Projects:

Blue Walls
Converting Propulsion
One Week Creation
Secondary Fire
Flings Speed Patience
Ongoing Projects:
Alive & Kicking: Chamber 18 Secondary Fire[/spoiler]

Thanks, I've already played all of your maps, but if you have any new ones, or have one you really want me to play/speedrun/blind route. Send me a link. Here's the STUD review homepage-

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