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Attn: YouTubers! Post videos, get added to our channel

Our account is now following Apollys, Pricee123, Reggis420, and TUTbyBlumCoLe; apologies for the delay. I will get around to favoriting individual videos shortly.

Now with 100% more inline comments!

I did a playthrough of which I'm almost happy with the video quality:

If that map's not recent enough to be included, here's another one I did, "Compact Compression":

Haven't done so many portal 2 vids lately, but I definately will

Portal 1.5

Channel page:
Twin Pillars 1.2:

Try out Twin Pillars, a Portal 2 map by BOB74j.

edit: deleted content. See my post above, it now got all the information.

Hi there!

Here you are:

I only use to record the most difficult or special custom maps I find. I don't use to record for example a blind playthrough because sometimes it could be very boring, overall for big maps.

And eventually, when a map really deserves it, I take my time to do a speedrun for a map that's really awesome.

I just started to record and editing last month and so there's not much yet but there will be!

I hope you take something from me for TWP channel!


ImageImageImageImageImageuseful tools and stuff here on TWP :thumbup:

Video :
Video :
Video :
Video :


Also, I made a map just for you! Sunset
Click Here to view my Workshop and play my puzzlemaker maps
Thank you for visiting Thinking With Portals!

my new video about portal 2. it contains cool music, funky jumps and a lot of portal 2 ofc ;) have fun ... ideo_title

i made another video about the new DLC, its just a small prenetation about the new content

Hey guys, I just did a Portal 2 DLC review.

check out my channel here -
portal review here -