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Attn: YouTubers! Post videos, get added to our channel

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Our account is now following Apollys, Pricee123, Reggis420, and TUTbyBlumCoLe; apologies for the delay. I will get around to favoriting individual videos shortly.

Now with 100% more inline comments!

I did a playthrough of which I'm almost happy with the video quality:

If that map's not recent enough to be included, here's another one I did, "Compact Compression":

Haven't done so many portal 2 vids lately, but I definately will

Portal 1.5

Channel page:
Twin Pillars 1.2:

Try out Twin Pillars, a Portal 2 map by BOB74j.

edit: deleted content. See my post above, it now got all the information.

Hi there!

Here you are:

I only use to record the most difficult or special custom maps I find. I don't use to record for example a blind playthrough because sometimes it could be very boring, overall for big maps.

And eventually, when a map really deserves it, I take my time to do a speedrun for a map that's really awesome.

I just started to record and editing last month and so there's not much yet but there will be!

I hope you take something from me for TWP channel!


ImageImageImageImageImageuseful tools and stuff here on TWP :thumbup:

Video :
Video :
Video :
Video :

Also, I made a map just for you! Sunset
Click Here to view my Workshop and play my puzzlemaker maps

my new video about portal 2. it contains cool music, funky jumps and a lot of portal 2 ofc ;) have fun ... ideo_title

i made another video about the new DLC, its just a small prenetation about the new content

Hey guys, I just did a Portal 2 DLC review.

check out my channel here -
portal review here -


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