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2017 Comeback Tour Mapping Competition

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I had no time to do anything, but I always wanted to stream or record a quick mapmaking so I may do it anyway... and looking forward to play some cool contest map :)

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Just wanted to say good luck to all the entries! Glad to see Portal getting some love after such a long time.

Currently working on Darksiders 3.
Stract wrote:
Catch wrote:
Damnit, I just heard about this, looks like I will have to wait until next year :c

There may be other competitions in between, albeit not as large/significant.

well, I literally worked non-stop to make a map for this contest, but I only had 4 f-ing days to do it, so I couldn't finish. I hope it's good enough for other contests and hopefully it will boost my self esteem or something :c

BenVlodgi wrote:
You can make a PTI map and upload a link here, but it won't qualify for the challenge, because this is a mapping competition, not just a puzzle competition. TBH no cookie cutter PTI would be able to place in this.

Will maps built with BEE2 PTI mod (maybe exported with puzzlemaker_export command and a bit optimized) be allowed in competitions? With all its props (you can even make a Sendificate map) it's practically indistinguishable from Hammer maps (not sure about Overgrown theme, it needs decorating) but much faster to make.

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