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2017 Comeback Tour Mapping Competition

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2017 Comeback Tour Mapping Competition

The contest is running from Saturday, June 17 through Sunday, July 2 Wednesday, July 5th. You've got 16 19 days to map!

Welcome back to ThinkingWithPortals!
This contest is a follow-up to all our fun and successful Mapping Competitions in the past. The purpose of this event is to promote & reward people who are skilled in puzzle design and advanced map-making techniques. We anticipate this competition will be incentive for level designers to bring their A-Game to the Portal 2 community to enjoy. We also hope this encourages newcomers to the content-creation scene using the PTI to challenge themselves to make excellent content with Hammer.

This year to further encourage the creation process. We want to promote you if you stream your creation process. Jump into the TWP Discord Channel #2017_contest and Post a link to your YouTube or Twitch account when you stream. Feel free to also drop a link in the 2017 2017 Contest Streams, where we'll try to keep an up to date list of accounts who stream their map making.

If you're interested in being a judge, PM BenVlodgi, or Stract on TWP.

The Rules are simple.
Hammer made only maps, limited to 1 SP and 1 MP map.

Detailed rules below, don't try to cheese the rules:
- Must use Hammer to complete entry.
- Maps made with the PTI will not be accepted.
- PTI/BEEMOD instances are allowed, however the level geometry must be designed wholly in hammer.
- Maps exported from the PTI will be disqualified.
- Entries must be fully mapped within the confines of the contest timeline.
- Do not submit entries that you started working on before the contest.
- You may update your entry up until the end of the contest.
- The latest entry to the contest before the end timestamp will be used for judging.
- No plagiarizing
- Puzzle concept and map must be your own original creation.
- Limit 1 Single Player and 1 Co-Op Map for contest.
- There are no restrictions on style of your entry.
- Group made maps will not be accepted, this is a solo competition.
- There will be separate judged categories for prizes.
- Judges may enter maps, but are disqualified from receiving prizes.

Submission instructions:
- Upload Links to Workshop hosted entries HERE. Do not use this category for raw files, only for workshop links. (We are having trouble with our mirror hosting links at this time)
- Alternatively, you can upload your compiled bsp and supporting files zipped up HERE for singleplayer, and HERE for multiplayer. Include #mappingcontest2017 in your description. (If possible, we suggest you use the workshop hosting.)

We will be awarding physical prizes, and Steam Keys to popular games.

TWP is BACK! Previous contests produced a huge number of amazing maps, and we are sure this contest will be no less! What are you waiting for? Get started!

Update: Check out the winners HERE

Also, I made a map just for you! Sunset
Click Here to view my Workshop and play my puzzlemaker maps

Might post on the Steam group too btw...

Level designer, 3D modeler, texture artist ,environment artist.

Awesome! Might take part in this.

Out of curiosity, what are the requirements for being a judge?

RectorRocks wrote:
Awesome! Might take part in this.

Out of curiosity, what are the requirements for being a judge?

There aren't any particular requirements per se. We'll determine on an individual basis whether we think the person should be considered qualified. Having a good sense of what makes a puzzle fun/a level look good is definitely optimal, though!

Check out Facade, a super-easy puzzle created by me and RedSilencer.

I hope I can get something made for this. I will be away for 5 days next week at a conference - it's gonna be tight!

is a hammer version of a PTI map I have made allowed? It would all be in hammer but the puzzle would be something I had already made. Thank you.

It must be a new, fully hammer made map that you start mapping after the contest began.

Also, I made a map just for you! Sunset
Click Here to view my Workshop and play my puzzlemaker maps

alright thanks!

I'll also be away for 6 days and then 2 days and been away until now, so I might just do a little one-day mapping just for fun. I always wanted to try streaming, never did it before, so I may just try to make a small 1-2 "roomed" easy outdoor puzzle and stream it on twitch, hopefully I can make something within 4-5 hour. Tho I dont know which time would be the best to stream GMT+2 time

ps: I dont know how to stream and record at the same time, I may just record some part of it and then upload to youtube :)

-= Check out my maps: workshop, and their .vmf sources: homepage =-

Damn, that is a really short term to map, at least for me :(

ImageImageImageImageImageuseful tools and stuff here on TWP :thumbup:
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