Okay so this has taken longer than I’d like. The good news is that I have finally found a Download DB that works (really well too!) and hopefully will not have nearly as many problems as the last one did. I can’t tell you the number of times that spammers uploaded mailing scripts. Turns out the old Download DB was a piece of shit. Who knew?

Anyway, right now things are all cluttered to fuck. There are some buttons up top, they don’t really do anything right this second. Uploading is disabled for the time being. I am going to get things finished up within the next week or so. Once the new Download DB is up and operational, I will send out a mass announcement letting everyone know the good news. I am going to try and automate importing over the old files, but I do not have very much hope for that. I will, however, manually import over the old files that I think are worth keeping (Community Spotlights and such).

I’ll keep you guys posted. I expect the site to be back up to full capacity by the end of the month. Valve has given me a deadline to get this shit done, so I have got to beat them to E3!