Hey guys!

I wanted to try something new in regards to the Community Spotlight. With 2013 wrapped up and only a few new maps added to the Spotlight, I want to see what the community itself thinks should be added to the prestigious list.

We’ll be doing this in 2 rounds: The first will be a survey form where you can submit any non-Spotlight map as a potential candidate. If you could, please take a moment to tell us why you feel this map in particular should be in the Spotlight. We will keep this survey open for one week until January 27th.

Once we have that list, we will verify that the submitted maps actually do follow our community guidelines – that is, exceptionally high quality content – and we’ll have another survey/vote on which of the suggested maps should make it to the Spotlight.

Sound complicated? It’s easy, really! Just go to this link and tell us what map you think should be in the Spotlight.

Go here to vote

Thanks as always!