I just made some minor changes to the map release system. Nothing is really going to be different for map uploaders, but if you browse over to the Community Releases forum you will see a few changes.

First of all, every new release will be automatically given a Post Icon with the appropriate game type. Portal 1 maps get the Portal 1 icon Image, Portal 2 maps get the Portal 2 icon Image. The actual image icons we are using right now might not be finalized, they are pretty dark against the mostly-white forum background.

Think you can make some better at-a-glance Portal 1 vs. Portal 2 icons? Post them up and let us see!

Secondly, Portal 2 uploads will now automatically be "tagged" with their map type. Coop maps will get the [Coop] tag, Singleplayer maps will get the [SP] tag and so on. I did not bother doing this for Portal 1 maps since I doubt we will be getting to many releases from there, but if anyone would especially like to see it done then let me know and I can add it in pretty fast.

Special thanks to Nacimota for giving me some ideas and beating me to the punch writing some code.

That’s it for now. Thanks to all of our mappers who have really exploded with some great content the past couple of weeks. Keep up the good work, guys!