Well done to everyone that has made something for us! Here is where you can download the advertisements to put in game:
TWP Advertisements

Hands down PixelFace has completely impressed us. Well done ;)


ThinkingWithPortals is looking (for someone) to create some sort of custom content to advertise us!

It has been brought to our attention that not enough people know about all the custom maps hosted here and having a custom animation / texture / model / sound for the: elevator screens / lightboards / interactive object / music motto is a great way for people to visit this site.

What do I get for doing this you may ask?

TWP will feature your creation on the site and you will gain a very nice advantage such as 1000’s of potential people to see it.

Whoever submits an entree which we deem the winner by the 28th of this month will gain this honour (and perhaps something extra to give away for your efforts).

What your creation should have:

– What it is, is entirely up to you. But do be reminded that this is meant to advertise us, not anything else.
– It should be typically aperture-styled.
– It should be something general which people can just place or use inside their map. (such as a lightboard texture, an elevator animation etc.)
– The site name: thinkingwithportals.com should be absolutely noticeable when looking at your object
– If you are making an animation: try to make a vertical and horizontal version of it at 600×400 and 480×640. This however is not entirely necessary if it is going to be too much work. If that is the case you can just make either of the two sized animations.
– And lastly, your name or perhaps an avatar-logo included somewhere in it that credits yourself. You want people to know you made it afterall ;)

Submit your entree through an attachment in a pm to us moderators or within this thread.

Good luck everyone!