Here is another email from Mike Durand regarding the SDK release date and the delays about it, again taken from the hlcoders mailing list.

No, you aren’t being a pest at all. It’s a fair question since I’ve missed my forecast release schedule.

The complication that arose is that I need to include two copies of all of the tools in this release since it needs to support both the Ep1 and Orange Box versions of the engine. And making a beta of this SDK is not an option since we had to make some changes to the SDK Steam depot structure to support having two copies of the tools. So I’m spending a lot of time tweaking the directory structure to get both versions to run and I’ve had to tweak the tools themselves to coexist properly. Also, since we can’t do a beta I am spending more time testing than I anticipated.

So bottom line is I’d rather have you guys moderately mad at me for being late than REALLY mad at me for breaking the existing SDK functionality. I have been working on the SDK release but it is simply taking longer than I had planned.

When the new SDK is ready you guys will be the first to know.

Thanks for the info, Mike. We’re all waiting for that day!