So let’s say there’s someone special in your life. Now let’s say that special someone shares your obsessive love of Portal. And now let’s say you want that special someone to be the special someone with which you spend the rest of your life.

How do you pop that question?

Well, if you’re like the intrepid and enterprising fellow Gary Hudston, you contact VALVe and ask for custom lines to be put in a Portal 2 map that will serve as a proposal. He posted on our forums several weeks ago asking for help with a secret project, saying it had been sanctioned by VALVe and also saying Ellen McLain had done custom dialogue work for him. Several mappers agreed to work on it, and a little over a month later the map was released. Congratulations to Gary and Stephanie (she said yes!); I, for one, raise my Aperture Labs mug in a toast. The video walkthrough of the level follows below, and in honor we’ve decided to toss up the map as the next Community Spotlight.


And on another note–because one geeky awesome video deserves another–we’ve got a pretty darn fantastic in-real-life Portal video to show you. Called "Portal: No Escape", it’s got special effects that make me smile and a surprise ending that’s shockingly unexpected.