Valve has posted up a sneak peak of an upcoming "Portal 2 Puzzle Creator" designed to make maps more simple. As most of us here are seasoned Hammer veterans, I’m really curious to know what everyone thinks of it! There’s also mention of a Steam powered map distribution system to allow players to more easily find and download maps. Here’s a snippet:

The simplified puzzle creator will let players easily carve out their creations in a straightforward but powerful way. They’ll then be able to immediately upload those levels to their Steam Cloud and share them with other players online.

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In other news, Team Fortress 2 is having their annual Halloween event going on right now. Our friends at have setup Halloween servers to play on if you want some friendly faces to enjoy some TF2 with!

Lastly – TWP is looking for new staff members! Specifically, news posters and map reviewers for Spotlight and Roundup posts. If you are already active in the community and interested in helping out, post here or send me a PM and let me know!