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Your maps in mobile "Portalize" game (2.0)

Hi Guys,

I am a developer of Portalize mobile game for iOS and Android platforms. Basically this is my second request. For the last year I haven't been accused for any copyright infringements (also I wrote a bunch of emails to Valve), so now I can tell you confidently that everything is legal. And here is a short video of my game, and how it looks like:

So currently I am looking for a new content for my game. I know that here I can find best of the best map makers. If you want, I can publish some of your maps (old or new) in my game. There are some restrictions with tools you can use ... but anyway there are still a lot of things allowed + few new more additional interesting mechanics.
I'd like to built business relationships with you based on win-win principles. That is why I want to propose you a payment for each of your maps I will publish in my game. Currently I can pay you $50-$150 per one map, and its price will depend from different factors like map size, quality, interestingness, entertainment, etc. Or you can tell me your conditions in which cooperation is possible. I am really keen to work with you, have fun and make our gamers happy with such cool maps. Please contact me if you are interested. My skype is : west131087 or just respond here.

P.S. I need a map built in any tool you want + detail private video walkthrough with all the necessary explanations

P.P.S. Currently I was able to make approximately $3k on game, and I want to share this money with you to make my game much more interesting and entertainment.

Here are list of things you can use : Material Emancipation Grill, Killing Emancipation Grill, lifts and platforms (but they don't levitate), Aerial Faith Plate, Excursion Funnel, Hard Light Bridge, Thermal Discouragement Beam, Companion Cube, Discouragement Redirection Cube (which can be rotated 90 degrees upward), Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button, Switch, Vital Apparatus Vent, and those things you can light with lasers and they can activate devices. Also you can rotate parts of map

Do the maps have to have a certain difficulty level?

@Joee, any difficulty level allowed, but preferable middle level. The most important is that those maps needs to entertain and not frustrate gamers, and we need to avoid pixel hunting