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WIP Puzzle Creator Showcase Thread

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Well, here's my first release. Ever.

There is a bug where the portals don't render correctly on my sister's computer, but they work fine on mine, so just try it out and give feedback. ... d=71658811

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

My YouTube Channel:
Aperture Science: We do our science asbestos we can!

I was just looking for some criticism on my two new maps.

There is an another thread for finished PTI maps

Please let me know if I am doing this wrong. :)

I am only allowing the one screenshot in this workshop item. Want to keep the test subject guessing. :lol:

Click my Steam Profile image to view my Portal 2 Workshop!

Single Player Tests - Excellent Partnership (Coop) - Single Player BEE Mod Tests

My new map "Ackbar knows about 3" has gone up and it's worth checking out if you fancy quite a big level with some good thinking and skill puzzles. ... d=72037703

Any comments would be appreciated!

My second map is here! much better than the first, if you ask me. :lol: It's pretty cool. ... d=72070482

My YouTube Channel:
Aperture Science: We do our science asbestos we can!


I just made a really nice map:

The name of my, til now best, map is MovementPRO, because you need a lot of movement skill to master it. Difficulty Level is MEDIUM/HARD. Lets see if you are pro enough to master this map. See it as a challenge!!!

Good Luck and Have Fun


My first test chamber. ... d=71921852

Expect to think outside the box.....Excuse the pun.

Will change the picture later, just tired from two (technically three) hours of preparing for a theater production in school.

Hello "Thinking with Portals Community"-members,

I just finished a really nice and skill-based map called MovementPRO. But when I was talking to my BETA-testers, I found out that a lot of the portal 2 players dont know how to bunnyhop. So I decided to make a Bunnyhop-Tutorial map for the Portal-Community.
And here it is:


(Also advanced bunnyhoppers can test their skills with this map)

Please honor my social work with a subscription and a thumbs up. THANKS!

And now to my real map:

It is called MovementPRO and it will test your movment skills (as the name already says). You dont need to make a lot of portals or solve confusing puzzels. My intention was to make a map that is different to "normal" puzzlebased Portal 2 maps. In MovementPRO you need to show that you can also think with your feet. But let me tell you that the map is pretty HARD for players who are not used to these types of maps. Just see it as a challenge!


I would be happy if you would support me by checking out my maps. They are only made with the custom map-editor, but I am really happy with the result (but I don't like the limited memory of the custom map-editor)

Also visit my Steam-Workshop:
Maybe there are already some new maps.

Good Luck and Have Fun at trying out my challenging levels in Portal 2.


Super Splooge Man - Is it too hard?

Hi, I'm new to the forum, good to be here.

I would love it if some people would test my first proper map for me. It took me roughly 6 hours to make and play test. I think its quite challenging and fun but I have been told its too hard by a friend who play-tested it for me.

Its called Super Splooge Man and features oodles of Conversion Gel(splooge).

If you are interested please use the link below.
Constructive criticism is very welcome. Thanks.

Unfortunately I cant do img yet.

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