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What the truck!

Hi everyone.

Been busy lately and I have to admit that I only got the game a few days ago. I just finished the sp game though and I have to say it was very excellent. It definately exceeded expectations and I won't go into specifics but the story and characters really make this game better than the first. Also the fact it's significantly longer helps too.

Anyway I delibrately didn't watch or read anything about P2 leading up to release so all the new puzzle elements and storyline were new to me. However it back fired as I forgot about P2 and actually only found out it was released only 2 weeks ago :lol:. The smile on my face once I realised and also the stupid feeling I got for forgetting were both huge.

With that out the way I'll actually say what I originally intended and that's about the lack of a bonus map menu. I suspect they will add one once they release the authoring tools properly but I don't know. Does anyone know the deal or should we start a petition for Valve to get a bonus map menu in with maybe challenges as well? Definately Portals and Timed ones anyway cos Steps sucked IMO

Lastly, I'm sorry for repeating any previous posts and also I can't help generating a bit of buzz because I'm definately gonna make some maps for this beast of a game :-D

A few weeks ago Valve announced that the first free (for all systems - even Xbox 360, somehow!) Portal 2 add-on would be out "this summer" (circa November, factoring in Valve time :P), and that it would include "a challenge mode," in addition to new single-player and co-op puzzles.

So that's coming. :)

With the Authoring Tools still in beta (understandably so too, they're still pretty buggy) I think a better way to do add-on maps is still in the works, and will reveal itself in due time. For now, all we can do is wait and watch.

There is no "N" in "Turret."

Cheers dude. Didn't know about the DLC. It sounds awesome and I'll check that out now I've completed the game :thumbup:

Quite esoteric why they haven't released it yet. Would make sense if they released it at the contest finals. :thumbup:

the hills are alive... with the sound of music

Maybe they are gonna put the winner map into the DLC

MrLawbreaker wrote:
Maybe they are gonna put the winner map into the DLC


Sorry, I just wanted to use that emote