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What a new rig can do...

Hey guys, I got a new XFX 8800GT OC Alpha Dog edition card and a 650i sli motherboard along with 2gb more ram and a 650W power supply. Now I am running portal as smooth as ever, and basically, it allowed me to absolutely drill into the speed challenge for chamber 15. check it out:

So So sorry, I pasted the wrong vid >.< now its right :D

how did a better pc make you jump farther?

Use the force, Browen.

it didnt, it let me aim better and play smoother.

I totally just finished building my new pc... like right now.

But I won't hijack your thread.

or... will I? :?

I just owned my previous time yay! check this out now, 22 seconds for chamber 15, thought to be impossible.