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Wanted: Big Bad Jellyfish

Did anyone else find any HDR decals other than the big bad jellyfish?

uhh, decals... hmm if you are referring to portal then they are usually under the category of "signage"


I mean this little guy: ... h2aiz4.jpg

I assume it's a type of decal, but I couldn't find it in the portal files using gfscape.

Looks like a decal yeah. But what an earth... :shock:

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where is it in-game?
anyone find it? i didn't

I think it's somewhere in the escape levels.

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The Big Bad Jellyfish is overlays/overlay_scrawlings_007

He is offset by the Nice Little Jellyfish in overlays/overlay_scrawlings008

Both overlays apparently are missing the 'portals' keyword, which would make them harder to find if you were filtering that way.

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He is found in several places near the end of the game. I noticed him in at least 2 or 3 offices the first time through. Thought it was some sort of easter egg.

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