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Video clip for Steam's preview

Hi! I'm thinking about creating a short trail video of my map, which will be next to all the images in Steam's preview window. I was wondering if you guys are making your own trailers and what tools and techniques you'd like to share with me. I own a Mac and could buy Apple's Movie Maker if needed. I'm not interested in buying a more expensive program, nor download illegally. Thanks in advance!

The Source Recording tool is extremely good. Not only you can apply certain effects to it, but you can also record in game with no lag (said the guy who plays portal 2 at 600x400 ;) ) and also add things on that video, like third person, blur, or anything you have on mind.

Idk what you should use after that, maybe after effects? I never used any of those programs beside camtasia (only used camtasia to render really lol saves a lot of youtube upload time)

I recommend you VirtualDub. I've made a couple of trailers in the past (one of them was for the Dilapidation series, and another one for my map Damask, find them in my youtube channel) and it's impressively good, low memory consumption, thousands of plugins to add for free, and it's not expensive.

This program is mainly for editing your video, however, you should actually record it before, since what you get with the Source recording tools is only a .dem file, and thus only understandable by the Source games. I do this with Fraps. Another awesome program which is not expensive either, and really intuitive. You could record in Fraps what you are playing in the Source recording tool ;) Or to directly record scenes in game with Fraps.

ImageImageImageImageImageuseful tools and stuff here on TWP :thumbup:

I use OBS ?

It has a "multiplatform" version for Mac and Linux, idk how good it is though because I just use the windows version :( Worth a shot, though !