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Underground Departure Elevator


I'm working on a map that takes place in the underground portion of Aperture and I'm wondering how the departure elevator works. I mean, it 'works', but I'm not sure how to trigger the end of the level. I tried going into the sp_elevator_motifs file and adding the name of my map, as well as the sp_transition list, but upon playtesting it didn't end. Is it supposed to?

If you plan on putting your map onto the workshop, and you would like to send it to the end voting menu, just follow these steps (Steps 1 and 2 should answer your question):

1. Add a func_instance to your map and set the filename to: sdk_content/maps/instances/p2editor/global_pti_ents.vmf.

2. To trigger the end of the map and open the voting dialog menu, trigger the logic_relay named @relay_pti_level_end.

3. Finally, to suppress the automatic voice over commentary by Cave Johnson, set the $disable_pti_audio keyvalue to 1. This step is optional and only necessary if you have your own dialog or story to tell.

From: ... bility.php

If you want to do map transitions, this page should be helpful:

Have a great day!