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Thinking of buying a pc. Any ideas?

So I understand nothing. 0 of computers (well only a bit....). So I'm here to ask help.

I don't have much money, but I'm saving. If it's better than the #*$9#@ I'm using right now it might be worth the patience...

So any good specs I should be aiming for? Or something?

If you also wanna help me I'm looking here:[A:pc-gamer]

I won't need a monitor cause I will use my tv as a monitor (o/)

(sorry if page is in other language, I can only buy from there)

If you don't know that much about computers then perhaps it's better for you to buy a complete, already build one (which I see you've linked to). My question to you is what you want to use your computer for and what your prefered budget is.

If it's a school/work computer, then I personally prefer to use Mac. If you want to play on it then I'd go PC. If you want to play PC games, which games? The newest and more resource demanding like The Witcher 3 will need a pretty good computer to be able to run at good graphics and good performance (FPS).

Then again, since you ask here on a Portal forum, perhaps Portal is the only game you play? Portal and Portal 2 aren't that demanding at all and you could easily play on an older computer (depeding on the specs). I usually recommend buying second hand but since you don't know that much about computers then perhaps it's good to buy it directly from the store and get the guarantee and maybe even service support.

Well... I don't really play much games that requires a lot of resources, but Feed the Beast and Phase Shift, I might be willing to play them. Who knows? I only played valve games... ikr they're not demanding but you never know.

I would give a screenshoot of my game library but its really big sorry... :/