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The Turret Anthem

Cinematic designer at BioWare Zachariah Scott and composer Lars Erik Fj?sne created this awesome Turret Anthem. The song is awesome, but the clip just finishes it. Enjoy!

Absolutely brilliant! :notworthy: Impressive animations and also really worked-out music!

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Really nice. Nobody is going to believe me this, but I also had planned to implement a piano rising from the floor below glados in my mod.
Still missing a piano prop, though. Maybe I should ask them.

The Aperture Alpha
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That... was amazing.

Awesomazing! O.O

It's the Portal 2 Hit (Version) of Victims_of_Science_-_The_Device_Has_Been_Modified :P

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Awesome video/music/animations. Love it.

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Wow. Enough said.

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I thought someone had posted this before, but didn't August/Rantis do some of the modelling?

Falsi sumus crusto!

This is absolutely stunning! :notworthy: The animations are Outstanding! I love the song :1up:

Great Job! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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