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Template coordinates

Anyone know how to change where a prop_physics will spawn by a point_template?


Ok someone correct me if im wrong! Because I only learnt this yesterday:

Once you've created your point_template, to get the object to spawn at a desired location, you must create a entity called:


and then point the attribute
"point_template to spawn"
to the name of your point_template

then of course you create a trigger that will activate the spawner.

I think that's right! xD!
But then of course I'm still totally new to this, so I might be wrong.

If you need an example of this, *cough*decompile*cough* the following Portal level: testchmb_a_05_d.bsp
and the box dispenser in that level shows you how they've done it.

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I meant changing where it spawns after the map is compiled, so 1 prop is moved to another spot then that item is made there... not with 2 templates.. with 1.


Huh? Just make two env_entity_makers.

I don't get the problem.

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