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[Story] A story to tell

Had this story idea for quite some time, but I know I won't bring it to the day light by my own, so... just presenting it, maybe someone will pay attention, some not.
The story presented is not finished (just not yet presented).
In advance, sorry for the wall of words.

Characters: 3 in total: Jerrold [Redacted] (player), Crow (sidekick character) , The survivor ([classified])
Player (main character):
Age: 35-45
Status: fired Aperture employee - conducted unregistered experiments. After some time, took the Aperture testing initiative to get 60$.

Takes place in the old Aperture from the start to the end. Players gets to explore the other parts of Aperture, other shafts, different experiments and different puzzle mechanics, but of the cost of removing few of the known puzzle mechanics such as lightbridges and tracktor-beams.

Wanted scenery would have from basic old Aperture to Repture vibe to it at some points. For example, as one of the Shafts were conducting experiments with water and biology. Players would see a build dam inside a salt mine, caverns, tech labs for water experiments and maybe even underwater testing.

Chapter 1: The trial
Player wakes up in the "waiting test subject area" (on a chair or sofa) after Cave J. pre-recorded message and follows the line to the testing spheres. Completes 3 testing spheres. After third sphere, player escapes through a locked door (which he knew the code for) and the chase begins as he tries to reach [classified]. While escaping, player performs some un-safe methods which ends with player getting hit in the head by an [object].
(2/3 sphere maps ... =385098960)

Chapter 2: Resurrection
(Cinematic) Player walks through a white corridor with locked doors at the sides, in the end is a door with windows from where red light is emitting (dream world). While walking to it, player wakes up and falls to sleep again few times (player sees that he is in a stasis chamber, each wake up shows a decay of the facility and the stasis chamber). When player is near the red door, he is waken up by a voice "Hey, wake up!". While being in a stasis chamber (which is a bit broken by now), the main character looks around, "Over here!", finding out that there is a talking Crow. "Finally someone wakes up, you have no idea how long I have waited for this moment. Now... just if you could get out from there.".

(Playing moment) The stasis chamber is a bit broken and loosened up. The player moves around a bit and the stasis chamber falls down, on impact, player passes out. "Wakey-wakey, sleeping beauty". Player wakes up while coughing (the stasis chamber glass is broken, the water is out), player stands up. The area is a bit dark, there are few lights in the horizon, looking up, there can be seen stasis chambers, some have lights, some don't.

(Player can walk) "Are you OK? Any dizziness? Broken bones? Synesthesia? / You look fine to me, just... you aren't wearing anything" (if player looks down -> "Don... Don't worry, they are still there. Don't have to stare at them..."). [Some addinional conversation, main character doesn't speak]. "Alright, it is time to get out from here. There should be an exit from here somewhere. / There! Follow me!" Crow flies away to a far away door which has a bright lamp near it. Player moves to it, going over obsticles. When near the door, the Crow leaps on the players shoulders, they go into the halway. They find a dressing room, player dresses up. ...

The Continueing story and gameplay:
The Crow talks to player as they move through the facility, their objective is to find where did all Aperture employees have gone to, while doing some minor puzzles along the way (moving boxes, activating switches and so on). Finds a portal device in one of the rooms, continues on. Gets to the Underground Aperture offices, from there starts some small puzzles which includes heights from which player can die from (because he is not wear long fall boots, yet). After few puzzles, player finds long fall boots. Goes through some testing tracks until reaching a half sunken sphere, they have to get on the other side. The player moves to the half sunken sphere, trying to complete a broken test chamber, but at some point, the sphere starts to sink and it starts a timed event. While the sphere is sinking, player goes through some obstacles and gets on a faith plate and launches from the sphere, reaching the destination.

The whole story
Through the story, players finds out about The Crow character and why it talks, and its real intentions. in 1/3 of the story, player is intruduced to a "survivor" which talks through the speakers and asks for a rescue, which the player ofcourse goes on a rescue mission. The "survivors" and The Crows characters happens seperatly, these characters only clash in the 2/3 of the story, when the player has almost rescued the "survivor". Through the conversation between the "survivor" and The Crow, player finds out that the The Crow is...

Nice story.