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Still Alive Parody

(Sorry for link, couldn't get the youtube bbcode to work with this particular vid :/ )

:lol: This is so funny! (both because of the song itself and his poor voice crossover)

Also mentions us :)


Fail, he said, not

Portal 1.5

Yeah that probably makes traffic from this like.....50% less lol.

I hate hanging with angry people. Why live life if your not having fun ALL the time? =)
O o
yohoat9 wrote:
Fail, he said, not

If VALVe screws it up not once but twice, I think I have the right to be wrong once. :P


That was a pretty good parody and the voice was pretty funny too. If you like portal enough subscribe to Harry10UK on you tube if you havent already. He is really good with animation.

Hahah! I loved it, very funny. I needed the amusement.