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[SP] The Revision

Some of my friends might find this familiar...

Anyway, this is a recreation of my first map with some other additions, which as of now is flooded up to the point where Aperture's drainage system can't stop the chamber from overflowing.

This is basically a homage to my first map, comparing my first map to now that I am pretty advanced in Hammer. ... =119439522

Don't ask me about the hovering cubes, I've played Blue Portals many times and still don't understand their purpose besides attracting useless attention. They are pretty though. Also, the water glitch is not fixable due to the way PVSs work in the source engine and the only way to prevent the water from flickering is to not put the water in multiple levels in the first place.

Waterfalls - TopHattWaffle
Skybox - Komaokc
Skybox Models - Zivi7 and Josepezdj
Buttons - Josepezdj
Door Textures - Symbiosinx
Black Cube - Mental1ty
Catwalks Textures - TheEmmy4501
Beta Textures - Reepblue
Bumbleball - Skotty
Bumpmap Backpanels - Camben

Music - Pete Drummond/The Moon (YouTubers should probably mute the music when this plays)

PVS water glitch - Valve

Jerma Pirate Song - ?PiPsteer

Explosive Cube - Myself

Click here to download The Revision