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[SP] Temple

Enter the Temple grounds.

My second beautiful landscape (first being "Islands") with again, a "simple" puzzle. Note, that it is recommended to play Islands first to get introduced to the new mechanic (the gravity-stop field). Take your time with this map and enjoy the moment once more. Plus the map contains an Easter egg, so explore a bit :)

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

Note, for the best effect, set shader details to "High" or "Very High". While playing with lower settings, the map looks incredibly bad and may even have some extra issues. Please switch shader details in the main menu rather while playing the map, it might actually crash the game while doing so.

Known issues or problems, but not really noticeable:
* It might be hard to know or notice portable surfaces. Though most surfaces have a yellow light indications near it.
* Water reflections might get wonky sometimes.
* env_embers (flying particles) can go nuts sometimes if you look down.
* Water textures on portals.

If there are any issues, please report.
Enjoy, relax and leave a feedback if you can.

You can also check some of my work with similar style:
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Thanks to:
[url=]emreovus33[/url] - testing the map
[url=]Qbeh-1: the Atlas Cube[/url] - music and inspiration (cool game)
Beemod 2 - Custom cube prop
Unknown - skybox (not mine)
Valve - for some of the models from other source games


Click here to download Temple

Particle textures are missing, can't get them anywhere. How they are called and where to get them and to install them? I tried almost everything already, copied all vcfs I have and updated particles_manifest.txt nothing works.
Upd. found the reason - if I start the game with +sv_cheats 1 I get purple checker textures. Without +sv_cheats 1 I get white ones. I swear to god. LOL.