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[SP] Solitary

Solitary is an easy-medium difficulty one-chamber map in the Wheatley theme.
A big thank you to Tmast98 for playtesting and detailing the map to make it even better!

More details
Current version: 1.1
Theme: Wheatley
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Estimated playtime: 6 minutes

Special Thanks to
Tmast98: Playtester & helping to detail the map
RedSilencer : Playtester

v1.0 - 07/15 - Official release version
v1.1 - 07/16 - Re-uploaded version

-Moved white surfaces at faith plate area.
-Unchecked physics object flags on faith plate.
-Moved switch of blue gel to the center.
-Graphical update : Smashed ceiling near exit area and added 'test chamber' at the second pit.

Tell me what you guys think about this map! Good luck and have fun!

Click here to download Solitary

Map appears to be nuked :(

quaternary wrote:
Map appears to be nuked :(

Sorry quaternary! I set it to hidden yesterday because I needed to fix unintended solutions. It should work fine now! :D

Excellent map....gel bounce across to the fizzler button was very hard - made moreso by the bridge cleaning glitch and tedious having to redo several times...thanks for creating again.

"Walkthrough available. The solution does not involve any ninja moves and hard maneuvers."
Hah! This is VERY precise map. I've tried a series of same similar jumps and very few succeded.
This map needs tuning and it sure would look better in an overgrown theme (I just like overgrown).
Otherwise 5/5 map, no doubt. One of my favorites. Takes more than 10 minutes. Funny how a series of decisions evolves.
Official walkthrough is here, by the way