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[SP] Pressure Cube

Since Portal 2 is long past it's heyday, I never had the motivation to make maps anymore until now. And this is just an improvement and beautification of a Puzzlemaker map I made long ago.

I'm assuming that since more people are being introduced to this 8 year old masterpiece of a game, it's still going on, but the veteran Portal 2 community on this site is pretty washed up. I joined at the right time, 2012 a few years before the downfall to get the assistance I needed for making maps. I know all the tricks and stuff that would be very difficult to find out about from the community at it's current state, but I just don't really like making maps that much anymore. So, I haven't really thought out any original puzzles for now. But at least there's this thing, which I think is a pretty original concept in itself.

Textures - Reepblue and others
Buttons - Josepezdj
Door - Sinx
Music - Nine Inch Nails - 9 Ghosts 1. No Copyright issues in non-commercial usage as long as it's credited for.

Click here to download Pressure Cube