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[SP] Industrial Lubricant

"One of my more loyal lab boys has just informed me that someone's been sneaking down to the anti-mass spectrometer at night to conduct some anomalous materials research behind my back! Listen, if you hurt yourself causing a resonance cascade, that's entirely on you... and you're fired!"

Industrial Lubricant spans two interconnected rooms involving Speed Gel, Lasers, and Turrets, with somewhat tricky solutions. The map also features a new aesthetic made entirely in Hammer. All custom assets not made by myself are credited to Valve.

Huge thanks to HugoBDesigner, Cartman1337, and ncrecc for beta testing, without whom this map would not nearly be as good or polished.

Click here to download Industrial Lubricant

Passed! It's OK map but stacking those boxes in the end doesn't feel right. I just dropped one on the ledge to shoot vertically and kept the second one in my hands to burn those turrets.

I don't know what you did, but I guess I've got some patching to do 'cause that wasn't intended.


Yeah, I'll add it to the list. Also looks like I didn't do cubemaps right or something.

Cubemaps were my fault, sorry. Figures if you run .bsp downloaded directly from steam's CDN, cubemaps just disappear because the .bsp file is named differently. You have to remove the "mymaps_" prefix in order for cubemaps to work.