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[SOLVED] Retexturing cores for custom story mod

Hey there,

A couple of months ago, I started a Portal 2 story mod, and I've encountered an issue of which I have not found an answer to on the Internet, so I've decided to create a account on here (goodness knows why I didn't have one already xD) to ask the community for help!

So firstly, I've retextured the cores in order to create new characters. The "Wheatley" retexture works fine, however, when texturing the first corrupted core, every corrupted core got that skin, and I can not give individual skins to each one! I have given custom eyes to each one, but it seems the skin don't work like that, even though the .vpk has personality_sphere_skin01, personality_sphere_skin02 and personality_sphere_skin03.

My vtf and vmt files are correct, but maybe I'm just missing something blatently obvious

NB: If this requires actually changing the texture each model uses, I would be extremely grateful for some indications on how to do that.
Here are some pictures below: (I needed to put links as the forum doesn't let me put pictures)

"Wheatley" Retexture:

Other cores:
Core 1 eye:
Core 2 eye:
Core 1 texture:
Core 2 texture:
Core 1 In-Game:
Core 2 In-Game: / Should look like this:

If you need anything else, just ask!


PS: Also (off-topic), I've ran into this issue:
I want to retexture the "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day!" banner from the Behind the Scenes chapter, except when I put the new texture in, and pak everything like normal, it doesn't change in-game (used the portal2 pak01_dir, not portal2_dlc1/2)

New texture:


Used the "Skin Editor" application. Worked marvelously!

Maybe you could check out my Work-In-Progress mod for Portal 2..?



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where is the skin editor application?