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Rexaura: Now available on Steam!

Hello test subjects!

It's been four months since we posted that Rexaura was Greenlit by the community at steam Greenlight and the wait is over!


If you don't know what rexaura is:
Rexaura is a modification for Portal 1, containing a new, 20 chamber campaign centered around high energy pellets. It is recommended for players who are familiar with Portal but want an extra challenge. Here on thinking with portals the older version has a 4.88/5 rating and also on other websites it's rated very highly. But feel free to try it out for yourself!

Rexaura is now available on Steam for a whopping $0,- or your regional equivalent!

For more information check out the trailer as well!

I strongly recommend this mod to anyone who hasn't played it already. It's challenging in such a beautiful way that it's paced well, teaches you new concepts before solving with them, and always provides a strong sense of satisfaction after the completion of each test. Honestly, I can't believe everything, including all level design, music, and models, was created by one guy, Mevious. It has a strong appeal for re-playability, so check it out again if you already beat it!

"I thought this site was dead." -Conspiracy Core

After playing the first 3 Test Chambers. I couldn't stop playing Rexaura. It is amazing! You must get Rexaura, if you do i will bake you a cake! :)

The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie

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Holy cow!!! Mevious is amazing. I just found Rexaura and I am cleaning up my brain from the ceiling after it exploded.