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Recreating vbsp_styles from scratch [BEE2/StylesMod]

Today I was having some trouble with vbsp_styles, particularly it didn't pack files into the bsp using bspzip like I expected it to do. I thought it was because my editoritems.txt was so large (over 300 kB*) that vbsp_styles didn't support it, so I set out to rewrite the program from scratch using black box approach.

Here is what I made. It is compiled with mingw32 (GCC).

+ It works (on Windows only for now). (It supports {Black,White}{Ceiling,Floor,Wall} but not the special 1x1,2x1,2x2,4x4 definitions or {Black,White}{Bullseye} -- because I did not have a test case where vbsp_styles actually handles them.)
+ Customizable.
+ Fixes the vbsp_styles bug where if you kill vbsp_original, Portal 2 would still go on with running vvis and the rest of the programs and not see the error.
- Requires the presence of Cygwin versions of composite (from Imagemagick) and kill.
- Somehow also opens up a spurious console window for every program it executes. I don't know how to help that. Windows is weird.
- The screenshot mechanism does not seem to work yet.
- No hold-ctrl-to-enable-elevators feature.

In the end, I found out that rewriting my editoritems.txt slightly (moving the packer_additem lines a bit) made the original vbsp_styles again recognize it properly.

*) I have many custom elements, sometimes for some purpose of use in a single map. I'll see some day if I can contribute some of them to BEE2 again.