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[PTI] How to use Beemod 2's Intelligence Incinerator?

Just a quick question, because Google didn't help me well with this problem.

I know if I connect an output to it I can activate (open) it. But when I try to give an output from the Intelligence Incinerator for example to a cube shaft to drop a cube, it doesn't work.

I know that the options are weighted = weighted cube, cube = companion cube and sphere = edgeless safety cube. But it doesn't activate the cube shaft when I put a weighted cube in it even though I set it on "weighted". The other options don't work how they should either.

Did I something wrong? Pedestal Button connected with the Incinerator which is connected to a cube shaft

Pedestal Button (activate) -> Intelligence Incinerator (opens, I put right cube in it) -> doesn't drop cube from shaft

BEE2 has many bugs like this because the functions of objects are really confusing. I don't think there's a solution to this unless someone decides to fix it for now, but BenVlodgy obviously dropped his support from BEE2.

This will be fixed in BEE2.4 when the incinerator is reimplemented.

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