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PTI element: Living panels, 64x64 (1/4 of wall size)

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How do you use it? I am too dumb

How do you add it to PTI the readme has a really bad explanation

Edit: I found out how to add it but everytime I connect ot to a button/floor button/Trigger it shows an error: "Build Error: There was an error building the puzzle"

How do I Exactly Install this?I have no Idea.

Frames for above-ground placement are made of wood, or combined with aluminum beams. The result is cheaper, but less durable, due to the vulnerability of wood to moisture. Such a frame is placed on supports made of galvanized steel or aluminum pipes, dug into the ground or cast into concrete.
Review Certainteed solar panels: to withstand this weight on the roof, you need a strong, but at the same time lightweight structure. It is usually made of aluminum profiles. The modules themselves are attached to the steel brackets through mounting holes. Through them, the grounding is connected to the whole structure.

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