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PTI compiling doesn't work anymore

Today I wondered why the "hold ctrl" command for compiling the current PTI Map doesn't work anymore?
I use Beemod 2.5 ... and I'm currently working on 1970 maps. I did this with all my maps before (with 1970's quiet style included) and it worked fine.

Now it only loads the map as regularly in the PTI (as if I doesn't hold any key at all; not with the elevator at the beginning, just starting in the room before the chamber). Why it doesn't export the maps anymore as preview.vmf?

The Portal 2 updates recently would've reset Carl's vbsp. Run the stylechanger.exe to fix that.

My stuff:
[spoiler]- BEE2 Addons | (BEE2)
- Hammer Addons
- Crushed Gel
- Gel is Not Always Helpful[/spoiler]

Thank you, worked fine :)