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Problem with hammer

When I try to load the portal.fgd file, it just freezes and crashes. Also, I'm using the standalone program since the SDK won't install right for me, for some reason.

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The following tutorial shows more distinctly how to set up hammer than the megathread, I had alot more luck with it:


I had the same problem when I first started to try to configure the editor. Are you, by chance, creating a custom "Portal" editor? or are you utilizing the half life 2 deathmatch premade compiler?

I was having all kinds of crashing whenever trying to make my own custom compiler within the sdk, as soon as I just followed that walkthrough, it worked out alot more successfully for me.

The crashing has something to do with the portal hl2.exe file, it seems. I dont think it's set up for dropping custom maps into, just yet. So you have to compile the map in hl2dm, then copy the bsp file made within the maps directory in hl2dm to the portal/portal/maps directory.

If this doesn't make sense, and is relating to your issue, let me know and I'll write it more completely.