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Post your workshop maps here

A collection of my best puzzles. I wasn't always good at making puzzles, you know. ;)
Enjoy! ... =928364152

My most popular on the workshop currently, hope you enjoy :)

Co-op map, currently 92% positive ... =912792011

AdamPlays wrote:
@Stract Around the Boost =/= Fast-Minded

Fixed! Oops

Check out Facade, a super-easy puzzle created by me and RedSilencer.


I absolutely signed up for this forum expressly to share the workshop map I made:

There's Plenty More Where That Came From

First off, I totally just installed Portal 2 for the first time since (checks Steam... wow really?) 2011 so my son could play through... since it was already installed I figured I'd try out some community maps... which inspired me to crack open the map editor for the first time... and this is my third published map this week... but... I guess there's been a map in my brain waiting to come out because I built this thing in two evenings and am super happy with how it came out and really want people to check it out and tell me what they think.

I know... total newb-arrogance right?... but I figured you gotta start somewhere.

Anyways. About the map/chamber/test, thing.
(hidden in case you want to go in unsullied)

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

I've run the test through a number of times myself and everything seems to hook together properly and my son couldn't see any obvious problems with it so, please, try it out and let me know what you think.

I guess I'm not allowed to post images yet so here's an album of screenshots.... which, again, you might not want to look at if you want to go in fresh.

Hello to the TWP community, I've got a challenge for you. My most devious laser bootstrapping puzzle, Laced Up: Advanced. Any experienced puzzle solvers out there, feel free to give it a try. Be warned, though, it may take plenty of time and careful planning to make your way through this one. ... =919151082

No Obscure Angles.

No Tight Timing.

No execution.

Pure Logic.


Coalescence, my latest puzzle, centered around Lasers and Funnels. Purely Logical. ... =930141782

Enjoy! ;)

A couple of my most recent puzzles:

The GLaDOS Principle: ... =964993874
A medium-difficulty (or easy-medium if you're more experienced) puzzle themed like The Talos Principle, so using lasers and barriers (a.k.a light bridges) to work your way around.

Slippery Slope: ... =973130908
Another medium-difficulty map (maybe medium-hard, I suck at telling a puzzle's difficulty). This time, focused entirely around propulsion gel, and a bit around portal management/fizzlers.

I hope you guys like it! :thumbup:

Thank you for visiting Thinking With Portals!

My newest puzzle, involving propulsion gel and funnels. Again, pure logic. ... =974615321

Enjoy! ;)

Here are some more of my recent maps:

Pull the Leg: ... 1086889009
An easy-medium monoportal puzzle around a funnel, though a few people seemed to have a bit of a hard time with it, so maybe it could be considered medium?

Passenger: ... 1161746542
A medium difficulty monoportal puzzle, this time with two distinct funnels. Not as easy as it might seem at first glance, though I'm quite proud of how clever it turned out to be.

Silk Touch: ... 1163306896
A very easy proof-of-concept type of puzzle that shows that the scrapped futbol test element can be used in a clever manner.

One-Off: ... 1167133914
An easy puzzle revolving around the Portal Gun On/Off concept by Tuleby and FLooper, with a focus on light bridge.

Have fun!

How to pass portal_test_01.bsp? (Took it from a 377 maps pack.) The first part drives me crazy. Can't find the solution anywhere. Do I need to throw the box on the button between those bridges?[/quote]
Upd. Got it finally. The secret is to shoot the portal as close to the cage as possible and slip under the bridge (with a certain luck it's possible with a three portals jump). How is that portal_test_01.bsp even called originally?