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Portal: The Quest for Cake

I have started developing a single player campaign and learned the mapping techniques today. I got a basic level with a button working that opens a door, and a box on a platform. I now understand how Portal mapping works after ripping the decompiled maps to shreds. I'll post a basic tutorial here on Buttons and doors when I get home from work today.

Portal: The Quest for Cake is a storyline where you are in another one of Aperture Science's test facilities and your ultimate goal is to unlock each ingrediant by solving puzzles and beating level to unlock the cake at the end.

I found a robotizer program and going to feature a male AI voice for the narrator. Been playing around making little mini puzzles. When I get home i'll post my demo map and how I constructed it.

Portal: Quest for Cake: 5%

Quick screenshot of the Demo map I will be posting later tonight.


Portal: Quest for Cake: 5%

It looks beautiful, but I really, REALLY want you to show me how to get my SDK set up for Portal. ;)

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Awesome work, I can't wait to hear more.


Ok so i'm busy, thats why my WIP doesn't have screenies.... I'll try to fix that...

O, and i was gonna say, i use goldwave.

I'd post a sample but the sample is 10mb cause i'm a goldwave noob :P

NullSolder: Sounds promising! Keep up the good work.

Donat: umm.. what? are you working together with NullSoldier?

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