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Yes, It's true. I am starting a Portal 2 Roleplay. There will be an Application Format to follow to make sure you're a serious roleplayer. The time is after the events of Portal 2, Not telling you what the story'll be like, because you guys will help make it!

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Steam Account Name(So we can contact you and such):
Requested Character Name(If your character is a tool for roleplay, leave this blank.):
Character Faction(See below):
Character Backstory(What happend to him/her before the events of Portal, durring, inbetween the events of portal 1 and 2, and durring the events of portal 2. Atleast 4 Paragraphs, use proper grammar and spelling.):
Physical Description(What your character looks like):

Roleplaying Tool - You will have multiple characters, each only lasting no more then one event. You will be chosen by me at each time you will become a new object. Roleplaying tools include: Mantis People, Companion Cubes, and Failed Test Subjects.

Military Android - The Facility is destroyed, all the exits locked or blocked. As GLaDOS repairs the facility, you make your way to escape. All you know how to do is attack, follow orders, be affected by Paradoxes, and walk/talk.

Test Subject - You are one of the only survivors, you have just escaped your relaxation chamber and are attempting to escape before SHE finds you.

Aperture Science Employee - You are one of... or THE lucky one.

Core - You are NOT a personality sphere. You are a core, you have feelings. You can think, you can communicate. You were made for a reason, but what is it? To be put into an Android? To be put into a main control? You just lay there, waiting for someone to pick you up.


Name:Faction:Character Name:


Kiruclanz:Roleplaying Tool:Roleplaying tool:



Always use serious roleplay. Do not metagame(AKA Breaking the fourth wall) or powergame(AKA Godmod, or forcing another player do actions). This is text base. When using Out-Of-Character chat, put [OOC]: In front of your text. When we have enough people, we will start the Roleplaying thread, but even when Roleplaying, the applications will remain open.

Hmm... Let's see...

msleeper wrote:
"Portal role play"?
"Games are made out of smaller games ? turtles all the way down, until you hit the game that is so trivial and stupid it isn?t deserving of the name." --Raph Koster

This was in 2011. I wasn't hoping for a roleplay but a mass multiplayer game based the facility would be so fun